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Dr. Percy Ray
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Camp Zion
was founded in nineteen forty nine by Dr. Percy Ray. The theme of the camp is threefold. To get a better knowledge of the Word of God. To get a better knowledge of the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. To Pray for revival to come to the Baptist Churches. Camp Zion has remained true to these principles and will as long as I am director.

Camp Zion and Myrtle Baptist Church have always used The KJV text and will continue as I direct. Nothing is taught, nothing is preached and nothing is sold other than KJV. No books, tracts, or tapes are sold without permission of the director.

We are persuaded by Scripture that Jesus will rapture the Church before the tribulation. We are old school in dress, morals and conduct. Camp Zion is a preaching meeting with emphasis on The Scriptures rather than what one individual thinks. All axes, bones, issues and politics are home business and are not allowed in this meeting.

Staying by the stuff the way we received it,

Dr. Earl J. Farley Camp Director