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Dr. Percy Ray
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Rules of the Camp
SLEEPING: The accommodations at Camp Zion are different from most assembly grounds or camps. The sleeping quarters are big open buildings filled with double-decker cots. All the men and boys are together in one big barrack-style building and all the women in another barrack-style building. There are no rooms for families, for husband and wife to stay together, or individual groups. All stay together in one of the buildings. Men and women separate.

MOTELS: Motels are available in the area: New Albany-6 miles. Tupelo-30 miles. Holly Springs-20 miles. Ripley-18 miles. Pontotoc-20 miles. New Albany, Tupelo, and Holly Springs are all on HWY 78 which is 4 lanes, 70 MPH, running between Memphis and Birmingham.

MEALS: Meals are served family style in a big dining hall with everybody eating together at the same time. Much of the food is given by Myrtle Baptist Church and interested friends. Churches and individuals bring jellies, preserves, pickles, canned vegetables and meats to help the Camp to provide the meals. This is all placed on the altar and dedicated before we prepare it and serve it.

SERVICES: The services are conducted under a big tabernacle which seats over 2,500 people. The services are conducted all day and at night. The services consist of preaching, praying, singing, testimonies, and Bible Study. The services are conducted just as the Holy Spirit leads and not by a printed program.

LOCATION OF CAMP: The Camp is located at Myrtle, Mississippi on Highway 178. Myrtle is 50 miles southeast of Memphis, Tennessee on Hwy 78 or I-22 Corridor at EXIT 55. Myrtle one mile sign will be posted on interstate.

REGISTRATION AND INSURANCE: The cost to attend the Camp is $2.00 for Insurance and Registration. The insurance covers any accident or illness suffered while registered at Camp Zion. INSURANCE DOES NOT COVER ANY PRE-EXISTING MEDICAL CONDITION.

1. Only ages 12 and above can attend. Parent or guardian must attend with those under twelve.

2. All who come to the camp will be required to attend all the services unless they have a written excuse from their sponsor. NO EXCEPTION.

3. Those youth attending will be expected to check with registration before leaving the camp grounds at anytime during the official meeting (Mon. night-Wed. night).

4. Each church will be required to send one sponsor with each 12 young people. The sponsor will be responsible for the conduct of those attending with them. No young person can come to the camp without a sponsor.

5. No young people are to leave the camp grounds at anytime without a sponsor.

6. No wearing of shorts, pantsuits, or mini-skirts allowed at anytime.

7. No boys or men with overly long hair will be admitted to the camp. This rule will be enforced. NO EXCEPTIONS. Penalty for breaking the rules will be dismissal from the camp.

8. No selling or distribution of tapes, books, or pamphlets that have not been presented to the tape room or book store.

9. Absolutely NO SMOKING in any building at anytime. NO EXCEPTIONS.

10. Penalty for breaking the rules will be dismissal from the camp.